Join us for the

Stand for Marriage Rally!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
7:00 p.m.
at the Utah State Capitol!
Come hear from great marriage advocates, like popular conservative blogger Matt Walsh, talk-show radio host Rod Arquette, author of Utah's Amendment 3
Lavar Christensen, Vice-President of Homemakers of America, Juleen Jackson, and State Senator Al Jackson, with music by
 Utah's own Jake Hunsaker!
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Why a Redefinition of Marriage Will Never Succeed

Truth Will Not Lie Down

This sweet photo from the rally 

symbolizes to me, everything about the destiny of the pro-marriage movement 
despite this recent attack.

Children will always need 
mothers and fathers.  Biology itself will continue to fight the redefinition of marriage.
An issue that sides with children will be continually renewed with young advocates. 

Celebration of Marriage Statement on Utah's Case

Celebration of Marriage issues a statement on Supreme Court declining to hear Utah's case:

"The credibility of the judicial system is permanently damaged when it concludes that adult relationships are so important that children must give up their relationships with their own mother or father when it comes into conflict with gay marriage.

In denying to hear Utah’s case, the Supreme Court has turned a blind eye to a child’s need for both a father and mother. This causes irreparable rifts in every aspect of family law, from custody battles in divorce courts, to adoptions that idealize motherless and fatherless family structures. The resulting fracture of family law will weaken Americans’ natural respect for the Court and turn the question of children’s legal relationships into an unresolvable and painful chaos.

Although the lower courts have been allowed to redefine marriage in Utah, Utahns who stand with children will continue to vigorously support policy that prioritizes children’s most important relationships above other considerations."